Smart Transportation


✓ Connected solutions for shared passenger.
✓ Power transport services for buses, trains and ferries.
✓ Includes applications for connected vehicles and related infrastructure, such as passenger information, ticketing & payment systems.
✓ A proper reporting and analytic software on cloud & on-premise deployment services as well as traffic management & control.

Delta State Public Mass Transit Management System

The Delta State Public Mass Transit Management system developed by Delta State Smart City Project is a suite of solutions that help make Public Transport Services more efficient for operators, drivers and passengers. Major components include fleet and terminal management and real-time passenger and driver information. In addition, automated fare collection and security systems as well as solutions that improve cost-efficiency and reduce the environmental impact are part of public transport management. Solutions also include public transport priority, which provides bus priority at traffic lights, better integrates bus services into the city’s transportation system and helps to make Public Transport more attractive.
The main processes that operate on-line at the traffic control center run one after the other according to a pipeline structure. The sequence is primarily driven by the real-time information flow originated from the on-board systems. The central backend collects all data coming from the telematic equipment, stores it in a central relational database and processes it to provide a variety of functionalities. Moreover, it is responsible for sending all the required information & diagnostic messages to the telematics equipment.

✓ Life Quality
Travelers will experience higher safety and punctuality, clearer and more relevant information, increased comfort, simpler and more universal ways to pay the environmental impact of traveling will decrease, and access to other services in society will increase.
✓ Increased efficiency
Public transport operators can increase their profitability through higher operational efficiency and new revenue streams Information flows will improve leading to more efficient communication and environmental reporting.
✓ Improved society
Cities will be able to increase the share of public transport as well as improving the environment and traffic safety Improved public transport will help cities increase their competitiveness and attract more competence.